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B Jay G8M - www.SdeBStore.com
B Jay G8M - www.SdeBStore.com
B Jay G8M - www.SdeBStore.com
B Jay G8M - www.SdeBStore.com

B Jay G8M

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A Complete Character Package For Genesis 8 Males...
...Including :
- 1 Body Shape
- 1 Head Shape
- 2 Face Textures
- 2 Genitalia Texture Options
- 4 Tattoo Texture Options
- 4 Eye Colors

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John B
Fantastic Character

Ultra-realistic, meticulous in detail. A great addition to my cast.

Marc M.

Joli personnage, j'aime bien.

Lee B.
Great attention to detail

As with Adama, I already owned B Jay for G3M. I am so glad that he was updated with G8M morphs... looking forward to having time to work with him... a must have character for G8M 👍

Duce N.
Need a lil Help

I bought the B Jay G8m figure along with almost everything you put out, your work is tight, I was just having a lil trouble getting the wavy hair to fit correctly, I tried to use the smoothing modifier like you showed me and it helped just not all the way, if you could show me how to do it right i would be forever thankful. As always your work is the best I've seen in the 3D world please fam keep it up. Just know we love and respect you to the fullest! ONE!

Keep on representing US .....

Although he looks more like Adama than BJ it's still excellent work

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